Alexa 2018 for Developers


Alexa 2018 for Developers

An in-depth course on Alexa Skill development using Javascript

What Will I Learn?

    • Students will gain expertise in developing Alexa skills. They will learn how to setup a development environment.
    • They will learn how to build voice interaction models and utilize the latest testing tools
    • Students will know how to integrate Alexa Skills with Lambda Functions
    • Students will learn how to setup nodejs-express applications as Alexa endpoints
    • Students will also know how to get their skills certified and publish theit skills to the Alexa Store
    • Students will know how to use the “alexa-sdk” for Nodejs
  • You should know how to program in Javascript & NodeJs
  • Basic knowledge of AWS Lambda will be helpful


*** The only course on Udemy that teaches how to use the LATEST “ALEXA TESTING SIMULATOR” AND “INTERACTION MODEL BUILDING TOOL” released in 2018 ***

Alexa is taking over the world. It started with speakers, then phones, digital displays, refrigerators, bulbs, televisions and even cars. Within just 2 years; more than 20000 skills were added to the  Alexa Store. It is predicted that by 2020 more than 100 million households will own an alexa powered device.

It’s no wonder that companies are investing heavily in incorporating Alexa into their products. If they have a IOS or Android app, they now also want to publish an Alexa app.

Hence Alexa developers are in high demand. The earlier you jump in and gain seniority, the better your career prospects are.

This course is an in-depth tutorial on Alexa development. We utilize Javascript as our primary development language.

We cover the following topics:

  • What is Alexa and the current trends in Alexa skill development
  • How to setup a development environement in Alexa
  • Using AWS Lambda for Alexa skills development
  • Using express-NodeJs for Alexa skills development
  • Understanding voice interaction model
  • Learning how to use the Latest Alexa development tolls like the “Skill Builder” and “Testing Simulator”
  • Developing Alexa skills with and without alexa-sdk
  • Certification and publishing of Alexa skills
  • and much much more

The goal of this course is to make you an expert in the topic of Alexa development.

Who is the target audience?
  • Javascript programmers interested in developing voice based applications
  • Javascript programmers interested in developing Alexa apps (also known as skills)
  • Web developers, Android developers and IOS developers, anybody familiar with Javascript

Created by Shreya Vakil
Last updated 2/2018

Size: 464.85 MB


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