Android App Developer Course: Code 11 Apps in Android Studio


Android App Developer Course: Code 11 Apps in Android Studio

Become an Android app developer today by coding 11 applications in Android studio!

What you’ll learn
  • Learn how to build functional Android applications.
  • Discover how to make money as an app developer by connecting your app with Google AdMob.
  • Create your own music player, video player, drawing applications, and more.
  • Build a portfolio of applications that you can show to potential clients.
  • Develop your skills in the Java programming language.
  • Grow a skill that you can use for yourself or for future clients.
  • A fundamental understanding of the Java programming language.
  • A Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with 4GB Ram and 2390 x 800 screen resolution minimum.
  • All software you’ll download is free to install and use.

Are you ready to become an Android app developer and build your own portfolio of mobile applications? Get ready as you develop your skills in Java to create simple, but powerful apps. Once you understand the process and the fundamentals, you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned here and create even more powerful applications.

In the Complete Android App Developer Masterclass you’ll develop the skills you need to create Android applications that generate income with Google AdMob. Here are some of the applications we’ll build together:

  • Your own video player application you can use to watch your favorite videos.
  • Your own music player application that’s perfect for playing songs on the go.
  • A camera application that has all the same snapshot and video capture features that comes with your phone.
  • A drawing application for sketching or writing notes.
  • And many more applications that we’ll add to the course in the future.

With these skills and some creative thinking, you’ll have the fundamentals down and you’ll be ready to build your best-selling application. So join us on this adventure of learning what’s possible, while learning a skill that can not only generate passive income, but that you can also use as a freelancer to become a professional app developer.

When you’re ready to begin, signup for this course by clicking the white “buy now” button in the top-right corner and get started as an app developer today!

Who this course is for:
  • Recent Java programming language students that want to develop applications.
  • Existing Android application developers that want to integrate ads and earn income.
  • Freelancers that want to learn a new skill to earn more money online

Created by James Brooks
Last updated 5/2019
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