Angular Programming Masterclass: Build 8 Real World Projects


Angular Programming Masterclass: Build 8 Real World Projects

Get Into Web Development With Solid Understanding Of Angular Basics And Build Awesome, Reactive Web Applications

What you’ll learn

  • Develop modern, complex, responsive and scalable web applications with Angular
  • Fully understand the architecture behind an Angular application and how to use it
  • Understand how Angular works and how it interacts with Backends
  • Build real Angular applications


  • Angular knowledge is required


Angular is advantageous from both business and development standpoints. It’s one of those frameworks that can work productively with various back-end languages as well as combine business logic and UI. Let’s take a close look at the business and technical strengths of Angular and see how they are related.

What entrepreneurs expect from Angular is a robust, cost-efficient front-end part of the product that will let them win large audiences and make money. That expectations come true because the framework has it all.

1. Effective Cross-Platform Development

Besides providing cost-friendly Angular progressive web app solutions that can run across mobile platforms, the framework is widely used in native-like mobile applications. More and more companies look to building cross-platform solutions with Angular because they are good at imitating real native apps. Earlier, front-end developers used the Ionic + Angular formula for cross-platform development. Now, the most popular formula is Angular + NativeScript.

By using Angular with TypeScript capabilities such as services, dependency injection, and routing, a developer can create a native-like UI. With NativeScript, a programmer has access to native APIs. As a result, you get an app that runs on both iOS and Android. Still, if you need to create both web and mobile apps, those would be two different projects.

2. High Quality of the Application

Angular is a complex platform that’s difficult to learn, so it requires proper qualifications from a developer. Numerous structural elements that include Injectors, Components, Directives, Pipes, Services, etc. might be challenging for beginning developers to learn. However, they are a big plus for the product success because you can create anything you can think of with a comprehensive set of built-in features in Angular.

3. Improved Speed and Performance

The diversity of Angular capabilities, for instance, template syntax, Angular CLI, routers, etc. make programmer’s work easier and enable quick loading of the application. The framework is compatible with various types of back-end programming languages to display gathered data in the UI efficiently.

4. Faster Development Process

The Angular framework allows a developer to build Angular web apps faster and make them highly efficient due to the technical advantages offered by the framework. Below you can see the list of factors assisting programmers in faster development with Angular.

  • Detailed Documentation. Angular developers took care of making Angular approachable and easy to learn. They provided carefully written documentation and endowed it with great code examples for clarity, so that a developer could easily find a way out of any issue while building an application.
  • Angular CLI. The Angular command-line interface makes the developer’s job easier because it offers a set of helpful tools for coding. Besides its powerful built-in features that we are about to uncover further, Angular CLI can be extended with third-party libraries to solve unusual and complicated software issues.
  • Two-Way Data Binding. Two-way data binding is the time-saving feature that automates some processes of code generation. In AngularJS, within a Model-View-Controller architecture, if a developer changes something in model, the view matching to that model changes as well and vice versa. In brief, when app data is modified, the UI changes as well.
  • Differential Loading. The newest versions of Angular allow creating two kinds of bundles – the tools that contain code and the resources required for efficient programming. To make the app browser-compatible, one bundle is used for modern browsers that support ES2015+ and another one for older browsers that support ES5 JS version. With differential loading, browsers can load less code and polyfills, which makes the app more productive.
  • Google Support. Google created Angular to use it internally for its official websites and solve problems in Google’s internal systems. Angular updates every 6 months offering small changes for each new version and gradual, yet confident and continuous evolvement of the framework.
  • Large Developer Community. Angular is widely popular among developers throughout the world. Since the very first set of AngularJS, there has always been a powerful community around the framework. Angular specialists constantly contribute to the framework, share programming experience, discuss specific issues, and find ways to solve problems together.

In This Course, We Are Going To Work On 8 Real World Projects Listed Below:

Project-1: Social Network Wall for Image Sharing, Likes and Comments

Project-2: Online Coding Platform: Compile and Run Code Online From The App

Project-3: Clone of Stack Overflow: Post Questions, Upvote and Downvote System

Project-4: Task Management App With Boards, Cards With Check Lists

Project-5: Trivia App With Random Trivia Question and Global Leaderboard

Project-6: Create Blogging App With Rich Text Editor Using Angular

Project-7: MMDb App, a Clone of IMDb With Search, View Movie Details

Project-8: Recipe Lib : Search For Multiple Recipes, Ingredients &Cooking Process

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in Angular

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