[Ben Marriott] Master Motion Design


Ben Marriott – Master Motion Design

This Course is Detailed

This in-depth advanced animation course focuses on key animation techniques & practical After Effects skills to elevate your motion design to the next level.

From professional workflows to mid-project problem-solving, I’ve poured all my knowledge & experience into this course.

You’ll learn

• What to focus on to truly elevate your work
• Why those aspects are so important
• How to apply those skills to any animation you make.

Practical Projects

I firmly believe the best way to improve your skills, [Ben Marriott] Master Motion Design is with deliberate practice & practical projects. Each lesson is structured to focus on one key element of animation.

We’ll be creating a specific animated project for that element and through that lens, we’ll learn how to apply new techniques within a professional workflow.

I’ll also show you how to get the best results from any project when you’re limited by time and budget.

Course Includes

• 8 Weeks of In-Depth Lessons
• 10+ Total hours
• All Project Files
• Private Community Group Access

Who is this course for?

Anyone who’s comfortable using after effects and wants to create work at a higher level. I’ll show you techniques to help you approach your work with a process that gives you the best opportunities to advance your craft and deliver in a timely manner when the client demands it.


Hello! I’m Ben.

Animation is still magic to me.
The fact that I can think of something, draw it and then bring it to life on the screen never gets old. Unless the client needs 16 new renders before lunch.

I’ve been designing professionally for 10 years and animating for 7.
In 2020, I decided to say goodbye to the freelance life so I could focus on my own projects, products & teaching on youtube.

I found Animation to be really intimidating when I first sat down in front of after-effects. And even when I was having fun, It took years before I was comfortable. It always felt like other animators I saw, were privy to some secret knowledge I didn’t have. That wasn’t true at all. I make all of my tutorials and courses to remove as much of the initial struggles, and show that anyone can make great animated work with the basic tools.

General Info:

Author(s): Ben Marriott
Language: English
Updated: 2022
Videos Duration: 10h+

Size: 3.20 GB



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