Complete beginners introduction to SQL


Complete beginners introduction to SQL

Learn the basics of SQL in practical hands -on steps

What Will I Learn?

  • Download SQL Server
  • Install SQL Server
  • Download sample database
  • Attach sample database to SQL Server
  • Create a database table
  • Create a view
  • Update Records
  • Delete records
  • Retrieve and read data from database
  • Use SSMS Tool
  • Join tables
  • Basic knowledge of using a pc


SQL -Structural Query language is the language used to interrogate and manipulate Microsoft SQL Server Databases.

SQL is one of the most in demand IT Skills and has been that way for quite a long time.  Data  growth is increasing and so also is the demand for professionals with SQL skills.

This course is a complete beginners course for those who have had no exposure to SQL.
It is a very basic and practical hands on course to introduce you to SQL.
We will be using SQL Server as our database engine for this course.
Microsoft SQL Server is robust relational database management system used by so many
organizations of various sizes including top fortune 100 companies.

In this course we will cover

Download  and Install SQL Server
Database concepts
Download  sample database
Attach sample database
Create a view
Create a table
Retrieve and reading data from a database using SELECT Statement
Updating existing data in the database
Deleting records from a database

Use Aliases
Use order by clause
Sort data by ascending order
Sort data by multiple columns
Add new records
Update existing records
Delete records
Joining Tables
Inner joins
Left outer joins
Right Outer joins

SQL forms the cornerstone of all relational database operations. Taking full advantage of its power requires an in-depth understanding of the language. In this course, you learn to use the full potential of SQL to write simple queries for SQL Server databases.

Who is the target audience?
  • Basic knowledge of navigating the internet

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