Dart – from Novice to Expert Complete Course


Dart - from Novice to Expert Complete Course

Visualize, Understand, Learn & Practice absolutely every concept of Dart – the underlying language of Flutter Framework

What you’ll learn

  • Do you want to learn Flutter? It’s a must that you get to know Dart Language at first!
  • Visualize the most important concepts of Dart Language
  • Learn and Understand some of the trickiest challenges posed by Dart
  • Get to know all of the fundamentals and advanced topics developed by the Dart Team
  • Develop new skills into Dart Packages, Dart Libraries, Dart Linting
  • Understand Sound Null Safety in great detail
  • Learn all of the advanced particularities on which Dart runs the code behind the scenes
  • Practice OOP Concepts with Dart Classes


  • The course is structured so that you can become a Dart Expert with little to no programming experience!
  • All concepts will be explained in great detail so that everybody will be able to understand them!


Welcome to the most updated Dart Complete Course in 2021!

By following this course from start to finish, no matter what level you’re on, I can guarantee you will certainly become a Dart Expert Developer!

Here’s a small list of what you’ll be able to learn in this course:

  • Why you need to learn Dart prior to Flutter?
  • What is Dart and what are its general particularities? (Type Safety, Soundness, Type inference, Null Safety, Compilers etc.)
  • Installing the Dart SDK on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS + Dart CLI)
  • The structure of a Dart Project
  • Dart Packages
  • Dart Libraries
  • Dart Linting
  • JIT & AOT Compilers, the Dart VM
  • Running the code from source using JIT/AOT Compiler
  • Kernel, JIT & AOT Snapshots
  • Everything about Dart Packages
  • Effective Dart & Linting + Analysis_options.yaml file
  • Sound Null Safety Explained
  • Dart Variables (Top level, static, instance, local
  • var vs dynamic vs const vs final
  • Built-in Types (Numbers, Strings, Booleans, Lists, Sets, Maps, Runes)
  • Dart Functions Explained, Anonymous functions (closures, lambdas), Function parameters (positional, named)
  • Dart Operators Explained
  • Dart Control Flow Statements Explained
  • Dart Classes In-depth Chapter
  • Inheritance
  • Instance variables & methods
  • Constructors
  • Singleton, Operators overridden, Static
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction, classes, methods, interfaces
  • Mixins
  • Extension methods
  • Dart Generics Explained
  • Dart Libraries & Private Fields
  • Dart Testing Explained
  • Dart Isolates Explained (Sync & Async Chapter)
  • Dart Isolate Structure, Event Queue, Event Loop, Single Thread, Memory
  • Parallelism
  • Isolate Groups
  • Microtask queue
  • Iterables and Lists
  • Futures in-depth
  • Streams in-depth
  • many many more I forgot

Thank you for choosing it and I hope you’ll have a great time learning Dart!

Who this course is for:

  • Wannabe Dart & Flutter Developers
  • Beginner in Dart Language curious about all of its features and concepts
  • Experienced Dart Developer curious about really advanced Dart features and concepts
  • Everyone curious about one of the best programming language available to date

Created by Tiberiu Potec
Last updated 9/2021
English [Auto]

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