Flutter & Firebase 2022 Complete Bundle: Build 3 Apps


Learn Flutter by Developing Ecommerce , Tiktok ,Zoom using Firebase and State managament with Getx and Provider

What you’ll learn

  • Clear state management in a very detailed manner
  • Build Full Stack Tiktok Clone | Flutter | Firebase | GetX
  • Build a Complete Zoom Clone with Flutter, Firebase & Jitsi Meet.
  • Build Full Stack Ecommerce App | Flutter | Firebase | Provider
  • Flutter Ui Design


  • Absolute beginner
  • Patience
  • have the needed installed


Welcome to Flutter 2022 complete bundle. If you’re new to Flutter or have gotten lost in online tutorials, this is the course for you. you will get a very good understanding of how Flutter and Firebase work.

Welcome to the Project-Based Flutter App Development Course where you will learn to develop a fully-featured ECommerce, Tiktok and Zoom App and redesign any Flutter-based applications.

I designed this course, for anyone seeking to learn and build a Flutter-based application. By the end of this course, you will be able to analyze, design, and develop your eCommerce, TikTok, and Zoom application.

What’s in the course:

  • Ui from Scratch
  • State management
  • Firebase
  • Styles for UI
  • State Management: setState, lifting state up via callbacks, global access, scoped access with Provider and ChangeNotifier
  • Navigation
  • Dart
  • Forms, input handling, and validation
  • Managing and updating packages
  • Databases and Cloud Firestore
  • ListViews and multiple UI states
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Firestore
  • Firebase Storage
  • Dart Programming Language – Fundamentals and intermediate topics
  • How to understand Flutter Mobile Development by building apps incrementally.
  • How to design, build, debug Flutter Android and iOS Apps
  • How to get Flutter apps to communicate with a real-time database – Firestore
  • How to build robust apps with Flutter
  • Flutter AppBar
  • Flutter Material Design
  • Flutter Row and Column
  • Flutter ListView Builder
  • Stripe payment gateway

Course structure:

approximately 12 hours video Content still uploading more lectures feel free to dive in

What you will learn how to build


E-commerce is the activity of electronically buying or selling products on online services or over the Internet. For example, you may have used e-commerce apps like Amazon, OLX, eBay, AliExpress & Amazon.

In this course, you will learn how to make your e-commerce app using Flutter with Firebase Firestore as a backend then statement management with Provider. We will develop this app step by step. And at the end of this course, you will have your own fully functional e-commerce app. And at the end of this course, you will be able to make your incredible frontend and backend Android and iOS applications using flutter SDK with Firebase Firestore.

Build Full-Stack Tiktok Clone | Flutter | Firebase | GetX

Features: –

Authentication with Email & Password –

Uploading Videos with Caption – Compressing Videos –

Generating Thumbnails Out of Video –

Displaying Videos with Caption – Liking on Posts – Commenting on Posts –

Liking the Comments –

Searching Users –

Following Users – Displaying Followers,

Following, Likes & Posts of User – TikTok Like UI

Build a Complete Zoom Clone with Flutter, Firebase & Jitsi Meet.


1. Google Sign In

2. Create New Meeting

3. Join Meeting

4. Mute/Unmute Audio

5. Mute/Unmute Video

6. Change Display Name while Joining

7. Raise Hand

8. Start Screen Sharing

9. Mute Everyone

10. Start Live Stream

11. Screen Share

12. Chat

13. Switch Front/Rear Camera

14. Picture in Picture

15. Enter Tile View

16. Disable Camera

17. End Call

19. Log out

Who this course is for:

  • a beginner who wants to become intermediate

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