Google AdWords Management & Optimisation – NEW – 2018

Google AdWords Management & Optimisation - NEW - 2018

Learn how to optimise & manage your AdWords campaigns effectively and increase sales or leads for less cost

What Will I Learn?

  • How to optimise campaign features like Quality Scores, Bids etc effectively
  • Pick the right bid strategy for your PPC goals and campaigns
  • Steps on how to improve quality scores effectively
  • How to improve Click Through Rates and Clicks
  • How to set effective budgets for campaigns
  • The best keyword research tactics & tools
  • How to optimise text ads effectively
  • How to write the best ads so people can click
  • Why your ads are not showing and what to do about it


  • A Google AdWords Account and campaign
  • Basic knowledge of Google AdWords and PPC Advertising


If you are running AdWords campaigns but struggling to increase clicks, impressions, quality scores, conversions or sales, then this course is for you. You’ll learn the most effective strategies to help reach your goals.

Google AdWords is not a set-and-forget platform. It’s important that you manage and optimise your campaigns effectively and this course is designed to help you do that.

I cover important areas such as:

– How to setup effective budgets for your PPC campaigns

– Easy steps to improve Quality Scores to improve targeting

– What to do when your ads are not showing on Google

– Which bid strategies to use at the beginning & throughout your advertising

– How to choose a keyword research tool & conduct keyword research

– Tips on how to write exceptional text ads that lead to conversions

– What the most effective bid strategy is for your campaigns

You will learn the strategies and tactics that I’ve used to become the No.1 AdWords Freelancer in the UK earning a six figure income.

All lessons are based on my own AdWords campaigns so you’ll see that I practice what I preach.

Who is the target audience?
  • Digital marketers tasked with improving PPC campaigns
  • Business owners that run search campaigns and want to increase sales or leads
  • People looking to improve search campaigns in Google Ads

Created by Mike Ncube
Last updated 8/2018

Size: 1.11 GB


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