Google Adwords PPC Success : Google Pay Per Click Ads


Google Adwords PPC Success : Google Pay Per Click Ads

Google Adwords For Beginners : Google Adwords Tutorial : PPC Marketing Strategy : Google Adwords Course : PPC Training

What you’ll learn
  • Obtain new leads and business from more effective Google Ads
  • Maximize Google Ad effectiveness to win business and save money
  • Understand and optimize Google Search Network Ads
  • A practical and structured approach to rapidly creating Winning Google Ads
  • Learn the basics of Google Ads – including navigating the New Google Ad Console and where to obtain additional resources to increase your Google Ad Knowledge.
  • Don’t be “wondering in the dark” – Learn a practical and structured approach to create Search Campaigns from keywords; to going live to Campaign/ Ad Creation to Reporting.
  • Supercharge your efficiency by using Excel’s power to create 81,000 keywords, “negative keywords”, 30 Ads, 10 Ad Extensions. A Comprehensive Campaign developed within an afternoon!
  • Your time is valuable so by using Google Adwords Editor, you can automate Google Ad tasks and free up your time.
  • Create your own profitable, attention grabbing Ads to maximize clicks. Instantly create thousands of relevant Keywords to attract buyers to your website.
  • Understand Google Search Ad Theory and Terminology to launch to the next level of Google Ad effectiveness.
  • Understand the Google Search Screen – including the difference between Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Vs SEO
  • Harness the power of Google Keyword Match Types (Exact, Phrase, Modifiers etc.)
  • Master this unique process of rapidly creating campaigns from Keywords, to Ads, to Publication.
  • Using the power of Excel, turn 90 Keywords into 81,000 Keywords to Boost Your Ads
  • Understand the importance of the “Buyer Funnel” in deriving your Keywords
  • Tips to writing awesome Ads to attract more customers and reduce Ad costs.
  • Unleash the power of Google Adwords Editor to Automate various tasks, improve efficiency & create multiple Ads (A/B testing)
  • Learn how to use Google Reporting to improve Ad & Campaign Performance and use the power of Excel Pivot Tables to improve quality score
  • Navigate around the New Google Ads Console (Create Campaign, Ads & Keywords).
  • Harness the power of Google Ad Reporting and Relevance to continually improve profitability; maximize sales and test the “monetization” of Google Ads.
  • Utilize the power of dynamic keyword insertion & latest Google Ad developments


  • Basic Excel knowledge and versions of Excel 2007 and beyond


Succeed & Profit With Google Adwords  / Google Ads Course

Win Business with Google Search Network PPC Advertising – Learn this type of Online Marketing: Faster Results than SEO

Google Search Networks Ads (AdWords / PPC Advertising) can be a wonderful tool to attract new customers to your web-page.

However this type of advertising can be very expensive.

You thus need to follow a structured approach to tackling Google Search Ads and know what you doing.

In the course you will get the theory and 2 SUPER CHARGED Excel Spreadsheets, which will push you into another level of Google Ad Creation!

You will learn how to use these spreadsheets as a structure to simplify the Ad Creation Process.

  • The course starts with keyword research within the excel model
  • This keyword research  will be used to generate a Campaign with up to 81,000 keywords, 30 Ads, 30 Ad Groups & 10 Ad Extensions

All of the above is created within  an afternoon! I will guide you through this amazing process, which is reinforced by 7 Practical Exercises specific to your business and web-page.

You will be empowered to rapidly create many other similar campaigns to optimize your account and expand customer reach.

Once your campaigns are running (since I am an accountant after all) I will show you how to use reporting to improve your results.

Enrol NOW in my course to propel yourself into another league of Google Search Network Ads…


  • Learn the basics of Google Ads including navigating the New Google Ad Console and where to obtain additional resources to increase your Google Ad Knowledge.
  • The Excel Model provides a logical and interactive tool to learn Google Ads. The course contains 7 practical exercises to transform Google Ad theory into practice and reinforce the transfer of knowledge.
  • practical and structured approach to create Search Campaigns
  • Create time efficiency through Google Ads task automation
  • Create your own profitable, attention grabbing Ads to maximize clicks
  • Instantly create thousands of relevant Keyword Groups to attract buyers to your website and obtain an advantage over your competitors.The above benefits could allow you to win business and increase turnover!

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Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to create winning Google Ads by utilizing the power of Excel templates provided in the course
  • The small business man who wishes to increase exposure and maximize returns from online marketing using PPC strategies
  • Google Ad managers who wish to push their Google Business to new limits by using unique powerful Spreadsheets
  • Average advertiser who wants to reduce Google Search Ad spend and improve return on advertising spend
  • Anyone who wants to improve their online marketing skills and gain a better understanding of Google Search Ads and what it takes to be successful.
  • The course is designed for anyone who is willing to pay close attention and follow my methodology to get good results. To achieve results will require putting in the effort.
  • Anyone who is tired of getting “no visitors” to your website from SEO and needs to maximize the effectiveness of Google Ads.

Created by Luis Frederick Gillman
Last updated 10/2018

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