Learn How To Use MailChimp Email Marketing


Learn How To Use MailChimp Email Marketing

A Complete Step by Step Guide For Beginners-Create Email Subscribers List/Campaign,Build Optin Forms ,Embed To WordPress

What Will I Learn?

  • You will run your own business – Local & Abroad
  • Learn how to create an email subscribers list
  • Learn strategies of turning your customers to paying customers
  • Learn how to create templates and send campaigns
  • A complete step by step guide for all beginers
  • Learn how to create and build Optin forms to your WordPress websites via Mailchimp
  • You need to know how how to use PC & have Internet Access
  • MailChimp Email Marketing Account-Free (< 2000 emails)


Email marketing has become a modern way of promoting our brands, making sales and engaging or having very good relationships with your customers.

Email Marketing is a process of sending emails or communicating to our customers through electronic means.It changes the way we think about business, sales and marketing

We will be creating a list inorder to help us store or manage our subscribers email. templates will also be created so that we can save time whenever we want to send out a campaign.We will also create our first campaign and send it out to the entire list.

The course will be extended to build our Optin forms and integrate it with our mailchimp.

A real life practical demonstrations and examples will used for this course.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone aspiring to promote / create campaigns to his website
  • Marketing Managers
  • Business owners

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Last updated 10/2017

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