Learn Laravel 5 Framework by Building a Professional Website


Learn Laravel 5 Framework by building a professional Website

What Will I Learn?

  • Professional and Modern Web Development
  • All little Techniques and Tips for creating Awesome Websites
  • HTML and CSS
  • Basics of any Programming Language


In this Course, I am going to  assume that you guys have never ever created a website before but you do have some basics Programming Language. I will take your Basics Programming Level to an Advance Level and you guys should be able to Create Awesome, Professional,Modern and Powerful Websites.So i will teach you all little tips and tricks to create professional Websites

First of all, we will cover some beginners and Intermediate topics of Laravel and then we will design a very professional Website and Learn Advance Topics of Laravel. Once you are done with the course you guys should be able to make more than 65% of the websites you see on the Internet

So Lets begin our Journey….

Who is the target audience?
  • Any One who has never created a website before and wants to build a powerful and Professional Website using Laravel(PHP Framework)
  • Any One who wants to know the modern way to manage the website

Created by Bilal Khan
Last updated 10/2017

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  1. sam says

    thanks friends
    please more courses laravel and redis

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