Learn Network Attacks And Security


Learn Network Attacks And Security

This video tutorial will help you to learn different types of network attacks and secure yourself from it

What Will I Learn?

  • Different types of Network Attacks
  • You will learn MITM(Man-In-The-Middle)Attacks

  • Wireless Attacks

  • Hack Over WAN
  • Protecting against these attacks
  • Laptop
  • Internet connection


If you are looking at gaining skill in Network security, this course is for you.

This hands-on course focuses on the practical side of Network attacks without neglecting the theory behind each attack.
For each attack, you will learn how that attack works and then practically launch the attack.
This will give you full understanding of the conditions which allow this attack to be successfully executed, this knowledge will help you to detect and sometimes prevent this attack from happening.
By completing this course, you will be able to troubleshoot basic security issues.

Did You Know?
-By DOS and DDOS Attacks estimated an average daily revenue loss of $2,000,000 – nearly $100,000 per hour – in the case of downtime.
-91% Of Cyberattacks Start With A Phishing Email and each year over $2 billions is stolen from the individuals as a result of phishing attack.
-25% of Wireless Networks are Highly Vulnerable to Hacking Attacks.
-95% of HTTPS servers vulnerable to trivial MITM attacks.

What will You learn in this course?

-what is Network Security?
-Different types of Network Attacks.
-You learn MITM(Man-In-The-Middle)Attacks
-Password Sniffing
-URL’s sniffing
-Image sniffing
-Dns spoofing and so on..
-Wireless Attacks
-How to crack WiFi password using different tools and
-How to perform De-authentication Attacks on any WiFi Networks.

-Hack Over WAN.
-Phishing attack Over LAN and WAN.
-Hack Android Phone Outside LAN
-Protecting against these attacks.

Target Audience

-IT Engineers.
-Network Administrators and Operators.
-Security policy makers who are interested in network security and gaining an understanding of the threats they face and how to mitigate such threats
-Ethical hackers.
-For Cyber Security Professionals.

Who is the target audience?
  • IT Engineers
  • Network Administrators and Operators
  • Security policy makers
  • Ethical hackers
  • Pentesters

Created by Amit Huddar
Last updated 11/2017

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