[LearnTanStack] Level Up With React Query


LearnTanStack – Level Up With React Query


Learn how to build enterprise quality apps with React Query the easy way with our brand new course.

In Details

In this course, you will learn how to wield React Query as your go-to weapon of choice for defeating and overcoming the challenges and hurdles of server state. LearnTanStack – Level Up With React Query You will learn to control your asynchronous data in your apps before it starts to control you.


“I teamed up with the folks at ui.dev to make this course together because they’re the best React educators on the planet. [LearnTanStack] Level Up With React Query This is by far the best way to learn how to use React Query in real-world applications.” – Tanner Linsley

✅ Never worry about data fetching again

✅ Save time by learning server state the easy way

✅ Delete hundreds of lines of expensive code

✅ Support my open source work

At the end of this course, you will:
– Have a better understanding of server-state and its unique challenges, patterns and how to solve for them
– Be a master of caching, and have the tools and knowledge to configure it, instead of implementing it by hand yourself.
– Know the entire core React Query API and how to pragmatically use all of it’s unique features in your applications

React Query and the concepts you learn will help you:
– Remove many lines of complicated and misunderstood data fetching code from your application and replace them with just a handful of lines of React Query logic.
– Make your application more maintainable and easier to build new features without worrying about wiring up new server state data sources
– Have a direct impact on your end-users by making your application feel faster and more responsive than ever before.

General Info:

Author: Tanner Linsley
Language: English
Released: 2022
Duration: 2h 53m

Size: 692 MB



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