REST API : REST API Testing using Python for Beginners


REST API : REST API Testing using Python for Beginners

Build strong REST API Fundamentals and automate the REST API testing using Python

What you’ll learn
  • Learn the architecture of REST and SOAP API.
  • Learn the SOAP WSDL,UDDI and REST Principles.
  • Learn the Concepts and working of HTTP Protocol.
  • Understand the various methods of API like GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.
  • Learn how to perform real time REST API testing using PYTHON Modules.
  • Learn how to automate the API testing using PyTest Python module.
  • No prerequisite software required. You should be able to use PC/laptop comfortably.
  • Basic Knowledge of Python is Required.
  • No Prior Knowledge of API Required.


*** This Course purchase includes video lectures, practice files, quizzes, & assignments, 1-on-1 instructor support***

Please note that this course will be continuously getting updated with more videos to keep you up to date on REST API. You will find lot of new lecture covering new features in the area of  REST API Testing.

This course is designed for the beginners and freshers to gain knowledge on concepts of REST and SOAP API and  to perform the REST API testing using Python modules like REQUESTS, JSON , JSONPATH and PYTEST. The professionals who have zero knowledge or very less knowledge on API, will find this course extremely useful.

Learning REST API and API testing also helps you to become better QA analyst , API Architect and eventually would help you to get into the field of building the applications using API and Python.

I will Guide you through a STEP by STEP approach on how to test the REST API. I will also explain about the architecture and the concepts of both REST and SOAP API. I will first start with the concepts of Web Service and then will explain the architecture of REST and SOAP API. I will then explain the fundamentals of HTTP request  and explain the internal working of HTTP requests using various methods like GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. Then, I will be working on PYTHON Modules and will show how API testing could be done using simple PYTHON code. In the end we will automate the API testing process using Python PYTEST module.

You should be able to complete this course in 1-3 days time, if you dedicate 2 hours of your time daily and this journey will take you from zero to Hero.

Important Topics covered:

  • Fundamentals of Web Services
  • Architecture of REST and SOAP API
  • Complete REST Principles
  • Concepts of HTTP
  • HTTP 3 Way handshake
  • HTTP Status code and Methods.
  • Python Modules (REQUESTS, JSON and JSONPATH)
  • Python coding to perform API Testing.
  • Automate the API Testing using Python PYTEST module

Briefly, The knowledge of REST API and REST API testing is a must for IT professionals and this course is one stop shop for gaining this necessary and in-demand skill.

Trust me, I will make sure you have an awesome learning experience and will hold your hand and take you step by step!!!

Happy API Testing 🙂

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner who want to understand the concepts of REST and SOAP API.
  • Anyone with a basic knowledge of Python, wanting to perform API testing.
  • Anyone who want to perform end to end REST API Testing.
  • Aspirants seeking career opportunities in REST API and API Testing.

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