The Ultimate Python Masterclass – learn from scratch


The Ultimate Python Masterclass - learn from scratch

Become a professional python programmer. Simple and straightforward concepts to help create your own programs and games.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn to love Python and take pride in the code you create
  • The fundamental concepts of Python programming
  • Create python programs using a wide range of fundamental python concepts
  • Showcase an impressive portfolio of practical projects
  • Develop a foundation to create AI using python
  • Build an intuition and ‘developers mindset’ for creating complex programs, fixing and debugging code
  • Discover the practical applications of Python for future work (websites, apps, data science, AI and more)
  • Gain essential experience and confidence in problem solving
  • Implement intermediate and advanced python concepts
  • Create Graphical User Interfaces using Tkinter
  • Only a computer with an internet connection



Master practical python concepts and fundamentals

This course on python does exactly what the title describes in a simple, practical and relatable way. I help you to grasp the fundamentals of python with live coding, practical examples, projects and quizzes, moving step by step through beginner and then intermediate concepts – getting you to the point where you are ready to being a career in python – to apply the foundations of python into real life projects, such as games, websites, GUIs, data science or AI.

Why you need this course

Coming to grips with python isn’t always easy. On your own it can be quite confusing, difficult and frustrating. I’ve been through the process myself, and with the help of my peers and mentors I’ve quickly become a proficient python developer. I want to share all I’ve learned with my fellow python beginners, developers, AI aspirers. My inspiration comes from believing that, if taught effectively in a carefully planned and considered way, the vast majority of people will be able to master python. That’s why I’ve created this course.

What you will get out of this course

I will give you straightforward examples, instructions, advice, insights and resources for you to take simple steps to start coding your own programs, solving problems that inspire you and instilling the ‘developer’s mindset’ of problem solving.

I provide support within the course, answering questions and giving feedback on what you’re discovering/creating along the way. I don’t just throw you in at the deep end – I provide you with the resources to learn and develop what you need at a pace to work for you and then help you stroll through to the finish line. Studies have shown that to learn effectively from online courses, tutorials should last around ten minutes each. Therefore to maximise your learning experience all of the lectures in this course have been created around this amount of time or less.

My course integrates all of the aspects required to get you on the road becoming a successful python developer. I teach and I preach, with live, practical exercises and walkthroughs at the end of each section.

Why this price?

As a professional AI developer I have over five years in Senior positions in software development and technology entrepreneurship, with experience in tutoring and creating online courses, catering to thousands of students. I’ve been trained at Cambridge University and the prestigious Pi School of Artificial Intelligence in Rome.Face to face I charge $50 per hour for a student. To complete the curriculum that I offer it would cost them over $1000.

To reach more people than I could face to face I decided to create this course. As I add more content I intend to raise the price but for now I’ve decided on this price – the cost of around just three lessons.

By paying a small cost for this course I believe you will get your value back, with a lot more by the time you have completed it.

Ask yourself – how much is mastering the fundamentals of python, preparing you for a career in python programming (and setting up your skills for AI engineering) worth to you?

How long will it take?

Although everyone is different, on average it has taken existing students between 4 – 6 weeks to complete the course, whilst developing their skills and knowledge along the way. It’s best not to speed through the content, and instead go through a handful of lectures, try out the concepts by coding, yourself, and move on once you feel you’ve grasped the basics of those lectures.

Who this is not for

This course is not for anyone looking for a one-click fix. Although I provide you with a path walked enough times that it can be a smooth journey it still requires a lot of time and effort from you to make it happen. If you’re not interested in putting in your energy to truly better yours skills in python then this may not be the right course for you.

Is there a money back guarantee if I’m not happy?

Absolutely. I am confident that my course will bring you more value than you spend on the course. As one of the previously top featured Udemy Instructors my motto is ‘your success is my success’. If within the first 30 days you feel my course is not going to help you to achieve your goals in python programming then you get a no questions asked, full discount.

What materials are included?

The majority of my lectures I have chosen to be in video format so that you can hear me and see me live coding when we’re going through each and every area of the course.

Aswell as the course lectures, practicals, and quizzes the course will soon also offers my full support as an instructor to answer questions, provide feedback and support.

I will be constantly adding more content and resources to the course as time goes by. Keep checking back here if you’re not sure right now and feel free to send me a message with any questions or requests you may have.

So go ahead and click the ‘Take this course‘ button when you feel ready on your screen.

I look forward to seeing you in the course.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone interested in learning to code in python
  • No pre-requisite software experience required
  • Those looking to transition from another language

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Last updated 1/2018

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