Visual Studio Code Crash Course 2019


Visual Studio Code Crash Course 2019

3500+ Students! Master everything you need to know about VS Code in 2019!

What you’ll learn
  • Install and set up VS Code on Windows/Mac
  • Learn how to set up and debug a basic Java Project (no knowledge of java needed)
  • Get Familiar with the VS Code User Interface
  • Learn how to use the Command Palette and the Zen Mode
  • How to change color themes and make use of shortcuts to boost your efficiency on this powerful and lightweight editor.
  • Master the use of extensions to enhance your VS Code experience.
  • Practice your skills navigating around the code using shortcuts in VS Code
  • Master the great features VS Code offers you to help debug code
  • Make use of the simple Integration between VS Code and Git, which makes working with version control seamless
  • Learn how to resolve Merge Conflicts with the simple and easy to use UI of VSCode
  • Just an internet connection and a working computer.
  • Desire to learn!
  • A windows/mac operating system


Visual Studio Code is one of the leading code editing platforms out there gaining rapid adoption with developers across the world. It is cross platform and lightweight editor with a long list of features including IntelliSense, it’s own extension marketplace and integrations with git and terminal.

If you are looking for a modern day editor and an upgrade from something like Atom and Sublime then this course is for you. It will develop your skills and make you a more efficient developer. Even if you have never worked with a code editor before and are a beginner programmer this course is simple enough for you to understand.

Questions are always welcome from students and can be asked in the Q&A section of the course.We try to respond within 24 hours so that we can create an engaging learning environment for our students and use our experience in the software industry to help you in your journey as a developer.

What will we cover?

Installation and Setup

Install and Setup VS Code on Windows/Mac and then set up a basic hello world program where you learn to just run through and debug with some extensions.

Jumping into the User Interface

Learn how to find your way around the UI and then use the command palette and different editing modes in VS Code. Learn how to change color themes and keyboard shortcuts to personalize VS Code to your liking!

Code Editing

A lot of software programming involves finding things other people wrote. Take advantage of VS Code’s search abilities and then go on to learn about the extensions you can use to enhance your VS Code experience. Navigate your way around code by finding the definitions and implementations of different bits of code.

Debugging and Integrating with Git

Master the art of debugging with powerful  built in tools with VS Code and it’s extensions. Then Integrate with Git, learn how to initialize a repo, clone, add, commit, and synchronize your code with that on your favorite version control platform.

The only thing you should need to get started is the desire to learn and enjoy one of the latest editors out there!

Who this course is for:
  • Students trying to get a quick grasp of Visual Studio Code
  • Professionals looking to use VS Code for their next project
  • Developers who have used another tool to as an IDE and are now looking to move over to VS Code

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