Whatsapp stock market bot with Python Twilio & MarketStack

Whatsapp stock market bot with Python Twilio & MarketStack

Whatsapp stock market bot with Python Twilio & MarketStack : Start building your own conversational whatsapp chatbot for stock market in less than 2 hours

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn about trending technologies like whatsapp chatbots with Twilio APIs using Python programming language and Flask micro web framework
  • Whatsapp chatbot: Learn how to build a conversational chatbot on Whatsapp platform which acts just like your personal finance assistant
  • Leverage Twilio APIs: Learn how to leverage the powerful Twilio APIs to send messages to the subscribed BOT users
  • Python programming: Learn to program the backend processing of the messages using Python and integration of Twilio and MarketStack API
  • Flask app running on local machine and using NGROK to create a tunnel to your app from an HTTPS public endpoint
  • MarketStack: Learn about the market stack API which provides stock data of 70+ stock exchanges across the world


  • Basic knowledge of Python and Programming
  • Basic knowledge of APIs


Conversational chatbots are the trend of the modern world. Virtual assistants are as relevant these days as human assistants.

Whether it’s:

1. Ordering a Pizza or Ordering new clothes

2. Playing music or a new movie

3. Switching off lights or making coffee

4. Checking stock price or a new bitcoin alert

chatbots are everywhere.

In this quick and highly. focussed course, you’ll kickstart your journey by creating your first Whatsapp chatbot in less than 2 hours.

By the end of this course, you’ll be having a working Whatsapp conversational chatbot. You’ll be able to start building your own conversational chatbots using Twilio, Python and MarketStack

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and Intermediate students who already know how to code and looking to expand their skillset by adding domain knowledge.

Created by Rishabh Sharma
Last updated 8/2020
English [Auto]

Size : 518.4 MB

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