Counselling Practitioner Certificate (Beginner to Advanced)


Counselling Practitioner Certificate (Beginner to Advanced)

This certified Counselling Practitioner course offers the training you need to become a skilful integrative counsellor

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn advanced counselling skills and frameworks that you can action with clients, in your private life, career & relationships right away.
  • If you already operate as a professional helper in some capacity, you can complement and increase your existing level of professional service.
  • Develop a range of person-centred counselling skills and gain deep insights into the driving forces that motivate all human behaviour.
  • You will learn advanced counselling models of change that can act as the catalyst for instigating significant transformation in your clients.
  • Learn various historic approaches to counselling; including existential, rational emotive, behavioural, person-centred perspectives, plus more.
  • Learn the theoretical frameworks, people skills, and communication patterns that enable significant transformation in counselling clients.
  • Understand the core motivations and common assumptions that underpin most patterns of unhelpful, habitual behaviour (productive and destructive forms).
  • How the mind processes day-to-day experiences and transforms our interpretation of them into memories, fears, frustrations, passions, actions and outcomes.
  • Understand the essential applied psychological principles, tools and methodologies that underpin the masterful practice of counselling.
  • Understand how to use the knowledge and skills to help you when interacting with your family members, friends and colleagues at work.
  • PLUS: Access our fantastic Facebook support group, ‘Practice makes Permanent’ to connect with fellow peers, celebrate successes, compare notes with others and much more.
  • On completion of the course, you can apply to join The Academy for Modern Applied Psychology for professional membership to put into practice your new-found skills.


  • This course gives you an in-depth knowledge of using counselling skills in everyday life and work, and the approaches that underpin these skills. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary.
  • Many self-reflective ideas are discussed throughout the course, and as such students are encouraged to take notes (this is for self-reflection purposes only and isn’t for official submission).
  • You can complete this video-based course in your own time and pace (also comes accompanied with a full audio MP3 version). Is easily achievable to complete within 6 – 8 weeks.
  • The entire counselling practitioner course can be studied online with an internet connection. The curriculum is similar to that which you might find in a reputable attendance based counselling practitioner training course.
  • You can study this training course from the comfort of your own home or favourite cafe at any time. You can access your course lessons from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.
  • This course was last updated in May 2019, drawing on over a decade of experience, blending in theoretical knowledge, established psychological principles and other appropriate ideological frameworks.
  • A range of additional downloadable (and editable) course materials are also provided that will make this counselling practitioner course enlightening, fascinating and enjoyable.
  • Note: Students who benefit most from this counselling practitioner course are those who are ready to reflect upon and APPLY the main lessons and theories that are presented herein.


The Achology certified Counselling Practitioner course is respected as one of the most comprehensive and in-depth video-based Counselling Practitioner courses in the world. Achology takes great pride in offering exceptional value to students of Counselling and other life-long learners.

This Counselling Practitioner course will teach you various approaches that have historically been taken to counselling. These approaches will include existential, rational emotive, person-centred perspectives, plus more.

Referred to as modern applied psychology, counselling has historically been known as a ‘talking therapy’ that allows an individual to discuss their human experience in a safe and confidential environment.

Studying counselling at practitioner level is about embodying the principles that underpin this time-proven method of helping people. You will develop your person-centred counselling skills and also gain deep insights into the driving forces that motivate human behaviour.

This Achology certified training delves to the heart of traditional person-centred counselling and focuses on facilitating profound personal change on the level of identity beliefs, personal values and priorities. You will learn the theoretical frameworks, people skills, and communication patterns that enable significant transformation in counselling clients.

It’s not just students of counselling who benefit from counselling skills training. Most counselling skills pieces of training have an extensive application and offer widely transferable skills for people in various professions such as health and social care, teaching, management, parenting, HR and even the voluntary sector.

The course sections are designed to enable students to increase their self-awareness by analysing and evaluating the impact that counselling theory and practice have on self and relationships. It is also suitable for those who want to enhance their professional role through the use of counselling skills.

Our counselling practitioner course materials are created by expert applied psychologists and are regularly updated to reflect new developments. The teachings are clear, easy to follow and allow our students to work at their chosen level and pace.

Qu) What you will learn in this counselling practitioner training course?

  • You will learn how to establish a relationship using counselling skills.
  • Know how an ethical framework relates to the use of counselling skills.
  • Apply the main ideologies and theoretical approaches to counselling.
  • How to create the best setting in which counselling skills can be used.
  • How to structure a succession of counselling sessions with a client.
  • How to conduct counselling sessions with clients in an effective way.
  • How to evaluate the impact that counselling theory has on self & others.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of using counselling skills in everyday life and work.
  • How counselling skills can be used to positively influence behaviour in others.
  • Essential people and communication skills to improve the calibre of your everyday relationships.
  • Become familiar with the core issues presented in counselling and methods of how to approach them.
  • Understand the importance of self-development, reflecting on sessions and being aware as a counsellor.
  • And much, much more.

This counselling practitioner training includes 30+ hours of on-demand tutorials that will expand your thinking and help you better understand the human experience. The main objective of this course is to familiarise students with a holistic framework for counselling practice.

On completing this course, you will be able to conduct elegant counselling sessions implicitly. Throughout the training, you can observe advanced counselling demonstrations to help you develop as a competent counselling practitioner, with all the most relevant accompanying skills.

With over 15,000 students enrolled, those who mostly study counselling are commonly teachers, medical professionals, life coaches, physical trainers, parents, psychologists, Achologists, social workers, managers, alternative therapists, HR professionals, pastoral teams, and those who aspire to become more capable versions of themselves.

Our unique, online courses provide a comprehensive, enjoyable and convenient learning experience. There is no deadline for you finishing the course, and you can fit the training around your current responsibilities and at your own preferred pace.

You will gain all of the core skills you need to start your journey as a counselling practitioner right away. If you already operate as a professional (or para-professional) helper in some capacity, you will be able to compliment and increase your current level of professional service.

Enrolling in this course allows you to join our unique and exclusive Achology Facebook support community, in which you can ask course-related questions, discuss what you’re learning with others and benefit from the wealth of wisdom of over 30,000 like-minded people from all corners of the world.

By the end of the course, you will understand the most pragmatic ideologies and techniques that top counselling practitioners use to facilitate positive change in themselves and the clients whom they serve.

Upon completing the final lecture, you will be awarded an Achology Counselling Practitioner certificate. Successful completion of this training course also qualifies you to join the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology as a professional member.

Full Money Back Guarantee: We know you’ll love this counselling practitioner training, and we offer a full money-back guarantee with no questions asked should it not meet your needs.

Who this course is for:
  • Target students for counselling practitioner training are those who value the process of personal growth and professional development.
  • One reason for the popularity of counselling practitioner training is that the subject matter allows students to make better sense of their life experiences so far and gain practical insights for understanding human behaviour.
  • Another draw to counselling practitioner training is the enabling nature of the teachings. Studying counselling at practitioner level enables students to make improvements in all required aspects of their life.
  • It is challenging to be effective in life, relationships and business without being self or socially aware. Counselling practitioner training allows students to develop deep self-awareness. Self-awareness is vital for those who want to work successfully in ‘people’ environments.
  • If you’re considering a career in people management and human resources, you’ll require relatability skills in specific areas including conflict management, collaboration and leadership. This counselling practitioner training course provides an excellent framework for this.
  • Personal development and growth is a fascinating journey to go on. Counselling practitioner training is useful for students who want to develop their interpersonal skills and transferable workplace abilities.
  • The quality of our relationships impacts the general condition of our lives. Learning to relate well to ourselves is the crucial first step we can take towards improving how we relate to and interact with others. This ability is developed in most Counselling Practitioner students, often without even realising it.
  • Students who enrol in counselling courses are commonly teachers, medical professionals, physical trainers, parents, psychologists, Achologists, social workers, pastoral teams, professional helpers, HR professionals, alternative therapists and those who aspire to become more effective versions of themselves.

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