Create 3D short animation using Cinema 4D R18 (from A to Z)


Create 3D short animation using Cinema 4D R18 (from A to Z)

Create 3D short animation using Cinema 4D R18 (step by step from A to Z)

What Will I Learn?

  • How to make a 3D short cartoons
  • How to Model Characters in Cinema 4D
  • Learn how to make characters with animation
  • Explain the basics of using the (Rigging) in C4D
  • Explain how to build a Landscape
  • Explain the export of Cinema 4D files to Adobe After Effects
  • Learn the basics of the animation industry
  • Learn how to use the tools in Cinema 4D


  • Cinema 4D & adobe After effects
  • windows or Mac


In this course I will explain to you how to create an animation using Cinema 4D R18.

In this course I will show you how to model the cartoon character and how to move it and export it to other programs such as Adobe After Effects or Z Brush or Autodesk Maya.. And I took for example snowman character.

As well as how to create Landscape and include it on the project .. And also will explain how to add bones for Rigging to move the characters.

You will benefit from this course Learn how to create 3D ainmation using Cinema 4D R18 .

For those who take this course will have an idea of Cinema 4D for how to create 3D animations .. And also, will have the ability to work on the creation and design of other characters such as short animation films

Who is the target audience?

  • Interested in the 3D short animation industry

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Last updated 6/2018

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