Ethical Hacking in Offensive Way : Core Ethical Hacking Kit


Ethical Hacking in Offensive Way : Core Ethical Hacking Kit

Ethical Hacking on Real Machines : A Complete Hands on Approach to Offensive Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing, Let’s Hack

What Will I Learn?

  • Do a Complete Black Box Testing
  • Unleaash the Power of Best Ethical Tools
  • Hack Real Machines from Lecture 4
  • Develop Experience to do Real Life Penetration Testing


  • A Try Harder Attitude


Start Breaking Real Machines from Lecture 4
This is an Exclusive Course by Proficient School and  our Instructor has requested not to reveal his identity.

The Course is Truly for anyone who is a Total Beginner in this Field to Even People with 5+ Years Experience, We created the First One of it’s kind Course by Getting you Break Real Machines when you learn.

This Course Can get you Ready for Various Job Interviews, Exams like OSCP as it can be used as a Complementary Material to the Official Courses like PWK, CEH, etc,

Note:- This is only Lab1 and Lab 2 of this Series

Disclaimer :

  • We are not responsible for any of your act which may cause any damage or loss to anyone in anyway.
  • The Course has No Relation with Offensive Securities, ISC2, E.C.Council or any other Association or Body of Knowledge
  • We do not claim that this course can replace any official material for any certification
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for students who want to pass Professional Exams and get good jobs in this field

Created by Proficient School
Last updated 9/2018

Size: 4.10 GB


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