Learn Modern Responsive Web Design with Example Step by Step


Learn Modern Responsive Web Design with Example Step by Step

Design a complete single page responsive website, all explained step by step. Taught with practical approach.

What Will I Learn?

    • Would be able to create modern responsive webpages
    • Understand how a good looking website can be created
    • Create similar stunning webpages and websites with more practice
    • Basic Knowledge of HTML and CSS is preferred
    • Good Editor like Atom, Sublime Text or Notepad++


If you are looking for a course which exactly explains about creating a stunning website (single page) with a live example, then this one is for you. Not only you will be able to create a similar single page responsive website but you can also create any layout for that matter using the principles taught in this course. Unlike other courses, this uses a practical approach exactly showing the steps involved in creating a modern stunning website.

Many courses just explain the various tags in HTML and various properties of CSS, without going into detail about practical problems which arise while creating a website. This course will certainly take care of that. Further, you can also get back to me whenever required with your queries regarding this course.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students of Front-end Web Design
  • Beginners in Modern Web Design who want to create stunning websites
  • Create own web template instead of using a readymade one
  • Learn to create Modern Responsive Websites

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Last updated 7/2018

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