Penetration Testing From Scratch – Ethical Hacking Course


Penetration Testing From Scratch - Ethical Hacking Course

Learn How To Perform A Penetration Test From Scratch and Make A Reports To Get Your First Job Easily

What you’ll learn
  • Signing Legal Documents For Penetration Testing
  • Live Penetration Test In Industry Environment
  • Making Professional Grade Report
  • CR Penetration Testing Methodology
  • All Pre-Requisite Lectures Are Already Included However Basic Hacking Knowledge Is Recommended


Discover How Things Work In Industry Environment… Gain the ability to perform a full penetration test from scratch with Industry Standard Methodology and Make Professional Grade Reports.

Companies are looking for people who know how to work, they don’t care if you hold 10 certifications but no knowledge. They are not here to invest in you so that you can learn, What they care about is the WORK!

You need some experience and skills to pass their interviews and grab that job position which you are looking for, but because you never learn how Expert Professionals like me work in Industry, You don’t have answers to questions which they ask in Interviews.

In this course, We will show you a Real Live Live Penetration Test which was 22+ Hours Long ( edited it to 1 hour to cover most important things )

We  will also show you my Report which We made after that test, and believe me… it’s way more different that what you think normal script kiddies make…

We have arranged some Practice Lab Exercise for you to refresh the important concepts which are needed to understand the test. I have even explained most common vulnerabilities which you should be looking.

and Let me tell you something, We Never Check Vulnerabilities Manually, It is just impossible to do that, Use a scanner and then limit the scope and finally remove the False Positives. That’s how it goes.

So ready to get this awesome experience?
See You In This Course..

~ Shubham Bharti and Team

Who this course is for:
  • people looking for practical knowledge in penetration testing
  • people willing to make career in penetration testing
  • people seeking jobs but not able to pass interviews due to lack of industry standard experience

Last updated 9/2019

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