Spring Boot E-Commerce Ultimate Course


Spring Boot E-Commerce Ultimate Course

Learn to Build a Real-life Shopping Webapp using Java Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, Bootstrap, jQuery and HTML

What you’ll learn

  • Develop a complete shopping website using Java, Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, Bootstrap, jQuery and MySQL database
  • Code the Admin application for managing users, categories, brands, products, customers, orders, sales report…
  • Code the Shopping application allowing customers to browse products and place orders
  • Code shopping cart features and payment via PayPal and credit cards
  • Learn to use Spring Data JPA with Hibernate for the data access layer
  • Learn to use Spring Security for authentication and role-based authorization
  • Learn to use Thymeleaf template engine for creating dynamic view pages
  • Learn to use Bootstrap and jQuery for creating responsive, mobile-friendly web pages
  • Learn to use Spring RESTful Webservices in conjunction with jQuery on the client side
  • Learn to use PayPal Checkout API for payment integration
  • Learn to use JUnit, Spring Test, AssertJ and Mockito for unit tests and integration tests
  • Learn to deploy the application on Heroku cloud platform with file upload on Amazon S3
  • Learn to use Google Chart for drawing charts in sales report
  • Learn to use Spring OAuth for single sign on with Facebook and Google
  • Learn to use Spring Mail for sending emails for customer registration and place order confirmation


  • Know fundamentals of Java web development with Servlet, Spring and Hibernate frameworks
  • Know basic web development with HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Know core database concepts with MySQL


Welcome to “Spring Boot E-Commerce Ultimate Course” instructed by me, Nam Ha Minh – a certified Java developer who have been programming with Java technologies for more than 15 years.

I’m very glad that you have found the most sophisticated and comprehensive course ever on web development with Java and Spring Boot. Let me explain why this course is perfect for those who want to master practical programming skills needed to be a professional Java developer and pursuit a career in software development.

In this course, you will learn how to program a real-life shopping application using the latest technologies such as Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Thymeleaf, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML, RESTful Webservices… putting all these pieces together for building professional applications beloved by the end users, and bring revenue to businesses.

Modules you will learn to build in the Admin application: Users, Categories, Brands, Products, Customers, Shipping, Orders, Sales Report, Reviews, Questions, Settings.

Modules you will learn to build in the Shopping application: categories listing, product details, search products, shopping cart, checkout, manage orders, customer registration.

You also learn how to deploy the ecommerce webapp on Heroku cloud platform, with user’s uploaded files stored on Amazon S3 server.

You will be a master of the following technologies by the end of this course:

– Spring framework development with Spring Boot

– Spring Data JPA and Hibernate framework

– Spring Security

– Spring OAuth

– Spring Mail

– PayPal Checkout API

– Google Chart API

– JUnit, AssertJ and Mockito in unit testing

– Spring RESTful Webservices

– Bootstrap 4, HTML5 and jQuery 3

By completing this course, you will gain amazing practical programming experience and become a professional Java web developer and are able to get job easily.

NOTE: This course is not completed. It is being updated daily, so please consider that you will have to wait for the complete course before enrolling. And currently I’m working hard to complete it by end of this August.

Who this course is for:

  • those who want to learn programming a complete ecommerce web application
  • those who want to learn using Spring framework for developing real-life applications
  • those who want to become professional Java web developers
  • those who want to pursuit a job in software development

Created by Nam Ha Minh
Last updated 7/2021
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